5e2537d2fee9ad099d18ade53446b29eBefore you all think I know what I am doing I want to let you know that although I grew up around animals and helped milk, butcher and feed and water them I know very little about the actual feed that each takes and housing them right. So I am learning as I add each to my barn and finding better ways to make my animals happy as I go. We get all our babies from a dairy that doesn’t want them so starting goats cost nothing. We do have to buy kid formula and nipples but nipples can be used over and over. Feeding stand will be build out of left over wood or wood found at dump. This begins our journey into raising babies.

I get all my babies in the spring from a dairy that doesn’t want the babies at a week old sometimes as many as 20 at a time. This has worked out for us as we learn how to sell and trade them anywhere from 4 months old to a year. Lots of ranchers in area like to trade hay for their little weed eaters, some like to buy for meat and others want as pets or even milk goats. They have grown on me but still don’t like their milk, cheese, or meat, yet my family does and they do make a wonderful just in case animal and in mean time my potions can go to the pigs which I love. So this over time we learned to use feed and to leash train the babies.

Funny thing is that goats are so much like toddlers they are great as long as don’t get bored so this year we are attempting to try a few of the following ideas as we find out which work.


As early as a month old goats start wanting to escape and run jump and play on everything so this gives them something fun to do as long as far enough away from fences that can’t jump over.

Yes we finally have a couple of our breeders finally kidding and so it is time to introduce our goats to one more toy that is only at the special time of milking only 🙂

Most of them like coming and getting treats from the milking stand. another way we give treats is in an empty milk jug that has been washed and dryed and filled with grain. they toss and throw it around knocking the grain out of it to get to thier treats this can last hours or mintues depending on how many attack it at a time. some times i do this to servel 1 lt bottles at a time which gives all of them a chance to share, no worries of any left over as turkeys come in behind them and clean up.

11092120_700790186710701_7795093764533446499_nThese are the things I have learned about goats and raising them so far more pictures to come later.


About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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