I know may people will said can’t raise more than one type of bird on same land, I have never had a problem with this. I raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese all in own places but on same farm. I will eventually raise quail, dove and pheasant, maybe even peacocks as well. I love poultry and it is a main stay of our diet but can get boring if eating only one kind. Plus if your eating fresh it tastes far better than the bland stuff they call chicken or turkey from the store. All my birds free range as much of the time as I can. They each have a house to go to for protection at night and all of them are trained when called to go to right houses. They all have nesting boxes and roosting poles I have made out of branches made from cleaning up yards. boxes are made from left over wood and wood found at dump.

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We raise chicken for eggs as it takes to long and to many to feed my family and they don’t reproduce fast enough for meat. I begin with about 6 chicks a year that I purchase still working on which kind like the best so have large variety. To start our chicks out we have a piece of a trailer trailer known as a popout that was removed from a trailer. It costed us 25 dollars at a yard sale and we wired across the front. This sits inside our barn and keeps the babies separate from flock. When they first come home it is in a special tub that keeps them warm for the first couple of weeks, we have to heat lamps that run off battery that give added warmed. As they grow and start to hop and fly they escape the tub till all are out in our mini coop. At around eight weeks old they move into a chicken tractor and are allowed out in the field with our grown flock. This helps them and older ones to get use to each other. At about three months they will be introduced to large coop and begin their lives of free ranged chicken. We made the large coop of pallets that were given to us and we have several laying boxes in it for the egg laying. We do installation it in the winter with cardboard to help the birds stay warmer. If our hens sit on the nest and have chicks we allow mom and babies to stay together unless we have to move both to mini coop to protect from crows.

like goats we give our chickens toys to play with, although they are much simpler. One of the best is a large pile of composting stray food items and such anything that draws the bugs to them. Another wonderful toy is pieces of rotting wood very soon they figure out how to turn them over and find their treats. In the winter when they are staying inside longer and getting bore I place a couple of store toys filled with treats, this seems to stop the fighting.

My Turkeys are treated much like my chickens but are raised for the holidays as well as for their eggs. They think they are goats and play with the goats.

My Ducks have a pond and I must admit they are more pets than anything else I do use their eggs for baking but have never found a drake to go with my hens so when they are finish being apart of barn may not get any more. I do have a child’s pool turn to p0nd for them. They think they are chickens.

Geese are one of those animals that didn’t plan on raising but ended up with 6 as a friend needed someone to take her babies as the larger ones might of killed them. wonderful eggs but terrible animals to raise, they are extremely messy in their pond and fight with all other birds. They hate people and just about any other animal. I am still learning how best to take care of and raise my geese in the best life I know how to give them without interfering with the rest of the barn. I have to keep my geese separate from all other birds because they fight so much and haven’t found away to make them happy yet.

I hope to add peacocks, quail and pheasant as wild birds later. My birds cost me the most in feed right now but learning how to make my own feed and hoping that when I get a well and the pasture grown out that this cost will decrease. I have found that the more they free range the less food I need to provide for them.chicken water


mess free feeder and no more worry about leaving on vacation this feeder holds my flocks one months worth of feed although don’t use unless leaving or during winter as when free ranging they need to look for food more and this is for those times when they can’t.


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Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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