If you all were with me last year you will remember last year I discovered I wanted to LIVE, not just survive. I didn’t get to share a lot of last years discoveries and lessons are my laptop broke but thru the year I started looking for a purpose to my life. Not the kind of purpose that we all have but the purpose deep within me, that purpose that ensured my survival thru the rough times, that purpose that kept pushing forward when all I wanted was to die. Yes I know on the Grant side of things God has a purpose for me and that is to worship and sever Him and that should be enough right? But deep within me I feel something more and in the last year I still can’t put it into words. My sister was face booking these courses that she is looking into and one of them was called sacred purpose. You all know we are on an extremely tight budget right now but really was praying that maybe for my birthday this year I could get this course. Then I was given it even after offering to pay for it what a truly wonderful blessing. I began listening to it March 2nd and will be studying thru out the month and on into the year this year I will understand my soul and it’s purpose.
That being said I want to let you all know where I am starting from in my understanding.
I am a spiritual being that encompasses my heart, mind, body and soul. I believe that my soul is the breath of God that makes me in His image. To truly be who I was meant to be I must find away to balance all the parts of me. I also know that I am meant to love deeply and express that love to the world around me.welcome
If you remember in the pass I have referred to that inner being as “Lady” I have dealt with the Emotions and learned to allow myself to have them and accept that emotions are neither good or bad they are just a healthy part of me like breathing. I have learned to start treating my body better and taking care of my health( now true this is a hard one for me but am getting there) I have learned to make the study of the Word and other brain games to strengthen my mind both spiritually and in knowledge and wisdom.(Like with most muscles this one has to be in a forever training and strengthening mode or it becomes weak). I also have a full understanding that each of these parts of me need to be in balance with each other. I add spirit to this group as well.
I only have a very vag idea or understand of my soul “Lady” to me she is so full of light like have said in the pass more often than not she terrifies me. She is pure energy, light, love. All those things scare me but like I quote all the time “feel the fear and do it anyways. So starting this month join me while I brave a closer look at my soul and reveal it to you.


About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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