What a month! We start it out the same as every month with the usual chores and bills to do and then in the middle of that find out a deaf girl has moved out to our area. She is broken down and really messed up her car. We also find out that like us, when we first moved out here, she isn’t on the right land. We agree to take her in and help her find the right land. Then we are given an SUV the next morning van breaks down. two days later Mike is hurt working on the property and God intervenes helping us out once again. Johnathan begins to fall in love. Finally get back to first of month chores only to come home to a friend leaving us a special winter harden blood orange tree as a gift. I finally attempt to turn my garden soil and get over 2/3s of it done in two days even with my bad back and hips ( ya a lot of pain as I write this but still I was able to do it so worth the pain) We have been so blessed. Then take William to work and SUV breaks down but minor problem and less than 25 dollars to fix so again blessed.(yes it broke down again, but know that God gave it to us for a reason and will solve the new problem like before) We have a few days to finish up the month and would say no biggie but this month just keeps getting better and better so maybe will have to edit and add to this post if anything big happens again but for now Feb is wrapping up as a month of Love and blessing in our life’s. The weather here has been so lovely that we have been able to do work on the property and are looking forward to March. I ordered 103 dollars worth of garden plants today and received 10 gifts of my choice equaling to around 80 dollars so once again feel blessed. We have managed to clean up the barn area mark out the floor plan and even get some of the bottom roll of pallets up, again the weather is super cold at night but the days have been amazing for a Nevada winter. We have been bless with visitors, we live so far out and away from almost everyone that visitors are extra special to us. We are all learning or relearning sign launage so we can talk with Tony while she stays with us. We also have had a huge adventure in learning to deal with her many animals on property as well as our own. Life lesson this month is learning to see what maybe looked upon as a rough spot for its blessings.
I learned a lot of life lessons this month, but more important is the God lesson of Choosing Love and forgiveness. I have found that as God teaches me this new lesson in His word that I find it uncomfortable to talk of another in a bad light (gossip has always bothered me but now it is even things that aren’t really gossip) I can’t help but think I don’t know that persons story, experiences or hardships so how can I fault them in any way for doing something that I wouldn’t do. I also have found that by using and learning forgiveness that I am freer to be me than ever before. I don’t have as much bitterness, hatred, or even pain when I let go of the hurts I felt another may of caused and Choose to Love. I begin to see people the way God sees them and that frees them as well to me themselves. I have learned this month to let go of some of the fear of love I have been living with and to accept that love I have so craved all my life. So this has literally been a month of love for me.
Our plans for the first week of March is to get the tires and move the mobile home to property that was given to us. (3 bdrm). Restock up on chicken chicks and turkey chicks, The usual chores and bill paying now that we have a towing vehicle again to get pallets to build barn with and coops. I am hoping to get the garden turned once more in march (this is done by hand with pitch fork so take a lot out of us cause the clay is like cement till mix well.) It is beginning to become mixed and turning into lovely black gold soil. We also plan on going to the big cat recuse for Tony’s birthday and throwing a party BBQ for mine so another full and exciting month here on the property.


About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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