It’s a new year and a time that we all think about setting goals. I have learned that setting goals is important but just as important is being flexible to allow the change of those goals along the way. Having a huge dream and setting goals to met that dream is great but if the small steps have to change and you still met the dream then be flexible sometimes things turn out even better than first thought for it.
Example- When we first moved here we planned to build little straw and cob cabins looking at things in Ohio we taught could do this for about 500 dollars each. We didn’t know finding and purchasing straw out here was going to be so difficult and expensive. our 500 dollar budget quickly turned to 2000 each. That was way outside of what could afford. 8 cabins at 2000 dollars a piece would put us at 16000 just for cabins no way could we do that. especially when the cabins were just suppose to be individual bedrooms. So we had to rethink things. in our area there are a lot of travel trailers that need work but provide a bedroom, an individual bathroom, all plumbing and electrical are all ready in them and some even have a full kitchen (great private space for older children) and the cost between 500-1000 a piece if not for free ( yes found one in the dump) and only cost for the three bedroom mobile home that will take up the space of two cabins was for moving it out of the alley the city didn’t want it in to land. Ok agree with you trailers have none of the look of little cabins and will cost a bit more to skirt and put siding around to make look right. so decided to skirt the trailers with what else than free rocks around property and surround them with pallets(free) and chicken wire (partly free) then cob to make them have the cabin look. No this wasn’t what we all had planned in the beginning but it does work for the over all goal and gives each person the private space as well as well defined shared spaces when we choose to be together. and keeps everything more within budget.
As you can see below even with changes things stay about same for the over all housing plans.plans

Leaving each person with a home and space of their own yet keeping it very family centered as well. The Mobile home allows for quest bedroom/ bath, a computer room, a library/homework room, living/TV room, indoor shower/bath and indoor kitchen/pantry. All shared family areas. The courtyards give protected quiet places outdoors to go according to mood, outdoor kitchen gives an entertaining area for all to share. Each trailer gives a small full kitchen, sitting area, bath, and bedroom to it’s person for times of alone time and privacy.
to your right will be gardens, orchard, berry field and to bottom barn/pasture. To the left is the herb garden and bottom shop, to top well house and possibly trailers for parents in future.
When dreaming and setting goals leave room for flexibility as well as future growth as dreams are something that can and should change with your journey. Lastly don’t belittle yourself if you set a goal and things outside of your control have to change the time frame of it for almost two years we have planned on drilling a well so don’t have to haul water, neither the budget or the timing has been right so far it’s still on the list but there will come a right timing and the budget to get it we just have to keep working at it. Doesn’t mean we failed just because haven’t been able to get it done yet. means life sometimes takes a twist and have to yes twist it back to that goal at some point. Sometimes we don’t meet a goal towards are dreams and find ourselves belittling and cutting ourselves down or thinking we are failures because of it. That isn’t so! Sometimes the most important thing on list has to go to backseat for a bit because something else is first for a bit is all.


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Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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  1. The detail and flexibility of your plans is brilliant. Your dream is coming together

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