LOL call this post getting organized and then spent all month doing rather than posting. Another thing that a new year brings with it is this deep need within me to get everything organized. It doesn’t matter if it’s the yearly budget, the cabinets, closets, barn, or just the Christmas decorations. Like spring and spring clean the new year always brings with it this deep seeded need to Organize my life. Only seems to last about a month before onto something else but January’s list and organizing bout seems to help me thru the year.
First I grab all the receipts and tax papers, can never do this in April. in an organizing frame of mind I ready everything for tax time. usually file in February after get all the extra paper work to file with, but having my folder ready and waiting helps me like nothing else.
Secondly, We as a family live on disability and it’s not a lot let me tell you, of course the children who can work do.(As they have gotten older they pay for their own food and generator gas, and any trips in vehicle they need. During this time of a year I make a yearly budget and yes like all things it has to be flexible. I do make a budget of anything that making payments on, anything that is a Must and a few of the most like to haves. trying to leave as much room and money left over for building up the dream. I get one of those huge desk calendars and write each months budget in at the top of the month along with any things like birthdays, vacations, reunions, etc… on the days when happening. usually refer back to this the first week of each month helps me not have to plan for days before going out.
Thirdly and this one is the hardest at this time of year. I make up two menus one winter and one summer. I don’t know about you but my family eats different during each season one year tried out making 4 different menus really didn’t work two is enough cold weather calls for soups, Hot chocolate and oatmeal things like that a lot of protein items. Summer calls for fresh fruits and veggies, sandwiches, ice cream a lot of fresh eggs in many different ways, etc… This takes a lot of time and a lot of thinking, I keep a recipe for favorites as well in this folder and a shopping list as usually only go shopping one to two times a month. It is such a blessing on the way to town to just pick up my folder and know if cold out use this list if hot out then use this one. No hours of beating my head against wall each month to come up with a menu and shopping list. I can be more concern about sales and savings this way and know a basic food bill each month. Yes I shop for all of us then children pay for their parts and pick up any extras they want for their trailers. So much cheaper for everyone this way. ensample- Cheaper to buy 100lbs sugar and divide amounts 6 trailers as needed than for each trailer to buy a small box or bag each. This works really well with sugar, flour, spices, large blocks of cheese and other things that full container would take a long time to use cause use such small amounts.
Then comes the important paper box. This box wholes all shot recorders, pictures, titles, insurance cards, warrants, and school recorders. you get the idea I clean it out and make sure anything missing is replaced. Place the tax folder back into this box till ready for it.
If get all these things done and still have the organizing bug biting at me I organize all my holidays and specialty items into special boxes throwing out broken items making list of what needs to be replaced. Then it’s on to closets and drawers doing the same thing with clothing although most of the time this would be done on Laundry day once in while something slips thru the cracks like holey socks. I like to keep between 8-16 outfits per person so not too much to sort thru you have to laundry once a week two weeks at the most and when purchasing clothes you have to really love them. usually it’s 8 outfits for cold and 8 for warm weather. since the children have gotten older I only have two now that I buy clothes for and they don’t grow out of them as fast sometimes something will last a couple of years or they will purchase additional items making their closets fuller. Hubby is the worse of these and could and would have a years worth of t-shirts alone if didn’t clean out closet on him. this chore falls under spring cleaning also so if not done now will be when that bug bites LOL.
Recently was given over 300 DVDs Had collected about 100 ourselves over the last couple of years(no TV here so DVDs takes it’s place) still working on a way to organize these something like I do with all my books. Thinking of taking all the disk and putting in numbered file and then all the cover cases into binder with matching number so takes up less space, more organized but still have cover picture to decide witch want to watch. This slot could go to anything you have collected my two favorites are books and movies in that order!
Finally January marks the end of Semester for my youngest now that he is High School. So this is the time check grades. Make sure he is on track with his four year plan, and review his goals for after High School. I have began to set aside a budget for dorm room items he will need as he plans to go to collage. As well as checking out ways to find the funds for him to attend, budgeting the care packages he will need etc… If you have a child in High School this is the time to think of what happens when they finish. If it is moving into a house and working then what will they need to get started. If it is collage how will you pay for it, and what will they need during this time. I make a plan with each of my children when they enter High School and then work with that plan, remaining flexible according to their changes in dreams.
LoL as you can see been very busy this month and still have one more week to finish a couple of the loss ends. Stay busy journey well and laugh often.


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Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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  1. Wow Donna! I am in awe of your discipline and abilities. You are just amazing.

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