It is march 1st and February flew by so fast it left our heads a spinning. So many life lessons learn will be posting about the biggest one a bit later first a month in review for you all. February warmed up a bit around here and we received a couple of days of rain that soaked the desert to 2 feet down which was amazing and very much needed. William got a new geo metro car from a trade of the suburban which he will be learning to drive, it’s a stick and be able to take himself back and forth to work shortly.
Mike came up with this really cool idea of building a rock wall around my garden area to help protect the plants from the wind and surprisingly he is nearly half way finished. Finally finished the road straight out from our land to main road which is a great relief. I purchased 20 new little chicks and they are doing wonderful all but one who died the first night. We began clearing the bush away from the garden area. We celebrated our right to bear arms on president’s day with a huge airsoft war and bar-b-que. Rachel began making her prom dress out of homecoming dress and feathered butterflies. Christopher learned how to handle bullies at school. We dealt with child protection people a second time around because Mike popped Rachel in mouth for sassing and she told a teacher about it. (I thought it wonderful that the teacher did his job in reporting it. Yes, troublesome to have to go thru all that again for something so small. But I am so glad I know that my kids are safe.)Things worked out really well and hoping that lessons learned will make life easier now, so far it has been a lot better on the sassy side of things. (think we all have to test boundaries from time to time) I sorted thru all my seeds for the garden and found that I only have to purchase 3-5 packets this year. Where normally I would have to purchase around 50. I began collecting seeds last year just before leaving Ohio and didn’t get to plant last year as well as I do a seed exchange in the fall for any of you that are willing to I collect seeds from my gardens and send to you and you collect seeds from yours and send my way. This helps us all have plenty for next year. As well as going on and trading for seeds.
Then I made up all the garden markers. We met a new friend, He is 78 years old and had a bunch of old windows he gave to us. Using a couple to make window green houses for starting my seeds in. All the normal usual things such as work, school and raising animals on the land. The Chickens are beginning to lay eggs again. Oh and not to forget learning to frost plant and actually doing it. rained again last night so will soon see green sprouts all about I do believe. He he this is kind of a scatter review of the month of February and I am hoping to put up picture again soon. Wonder how your month went and if you have began to see spring and make plans for what you would like to do?


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Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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