We had decided not to go to the reunion, so many things to get done on the homestead, that when my hubby said no to reunion I was ok no problem. Because of that we decided that we could take 5 days and travel down to mom’s and dad’s and pick up the animals they had for us there and bring them home now that the enclosures were finished. Johnathan asked that we waited till the day after his birthday and so left out of here on July 21st. Got as far as the TA truck stop and had a flat decided could stop at Wal-Mart and get it fixed and be on the road by noon. When we got the tire fixed we replaced an old battery and then the start went out and replaced it was on the road by 2pm and happy to be traveling by 4pm the car over heated and we had to wait till 9pm to be towed to battle mountain where we got a motel room and checked out the car the next day the radiator was leaking tried to fix it and found we had to replace it as well but wouldn’t be in till the next day so got a motel room again and next morning mike replace it. Back on the road and all was well for about 400 miles when she started overheating again and wasn’t getting any power. stopped on the road for a bit and let it cool down she would go a ways again and then repeat. finally noticed a spark plug was arcing over and figured that was the problem so pulled into mom’s house late the 23rd-early the 24th we all piled onto the floor and slept. That first day everyone was trier and slept and visited which took us into the 25th. By now we were getting low on cash and going to have to wait till the 3rd when our money came in to leave. Everyone was nervous around everyone else and not knowing what to expect my kids wanted to meet their cousins but there uncle and I had never gotten along and he had told his kids to stay away from mine. My bother approached me and was so kind he even built a trailer for me to haul the animals home in and was very pleasant to be around and as heal took place the kids did finally begin to connect with their cousins. On the 26th they all went to a dance together. Time for them to leave to the reunion was fast approaching, they wanted to leave out on the 31st and so asked mom if we could stay in their home till the 3rd. They were taking a huge RV with all of them in the back of it up to Idaho came about that I asked if there might be room for my a family to travel with them since they would be back the 5th and that was only two days after we would get the money to go home. My brother again was very kind and said yes, more healing took place and I was amazed by his kindness. On the 31st We all packed in the RV and head out when the trailer hitch broke in town and we had to get that taken care of but then the rest of the trip went fairly well we arrived in Idaho about 5 am I couldn’t sleep during the trip at all and now I was at the family reunion not knowing again what to expect those that had hurt me would all be there. My Aunt made a tent surrounded by her kids for me to crash in and I crashed hard that first day. While sleeping many of the uncles began to show up. I kept hiding as best as I could while letting my presence be known I hadn’t been to a reunion since I was a child and was very nervous being around so many abusers. by the second day one of my uncles pulled me aside and asked for me to catch him up on my life since he had last seen me and I spoke the truth and held no punches in telling him how he had caused me pain and the woman that I have grown into. He never belittled me or minimized my pain and the healing began and forgiveness flowed between the two of us. Then another uncle asked to talk with me and again I spoke only the truth and forgiveness and heal flow over and over during the whole reunion I was amazed at how willing they all were to hear how I had been hurt by them and who I was today that it amazed me how much healing and forgiveness managed to take place.
About a month before the reunion each of us kids were asked to write and give a tribute to our father all of us had said no we don’t remember anything and so it fell to his oldest granddaughter who was having some trouble with it herself. Then one morning while doing morning devotions I felt the need as the eldest child to say something for my father. Asked if granddaughter wanted to do it from the grandchildren’s point of view and I would do it from a child’s point of view. So when it was time to give the tributes my brother was like no Donna Becky is doing it but I ignore him and gave my tribute my hubby said John my brother was very intent on my every word and that several were crying afterwards. This is the tribute I gave for my father.
I am the eldest daughter of Max Jacobs. I didn’t think I would want to say anything about him when I was first asked. He hasn’t always been the strongest man or shown a great deal of emotion, and he wasn’t my hero growing up but my dad has taught me life lessons sometimes the hard way that have made me stronger, and that I need to show others my emotions without shame or excuse, he did teach me to be a hero. I have learned in the past couple of years that who I am is what you get and the same goes with my dad he is who he is and makes no excuses for that. I don’t have any cute little stories to share with you or these outlandish type of praises for him. My dad doesn’t show his love through words and hugs. That’s why when I was growing up, I wasn’t sure how much he loved me. Daddy always did support us and I don’t remember actually ever being hungry. My sister Heidi said that one of the things she remembers most is that often he would even work two jobs. Tammy my other sister remembers dad was always sleep after working all night. I only lived with my dad until I was 15-16 years old . I Do remember that I was a very troubled child and that there was a lot of pain and fighting in my childhood. I felt a great need to say a few words in honor of my father. I can say this in honor of my father he has taught be to be a strong woman. I have learned how to love deeply and to stand and fight for the things I believe in. Then I fell in love with my dear sweet husband. He loves me…truly loves me for who I am as a person…my past and all. He knows about everything. But it has never changed his feelings for me. Thru that love I have learned to forgive to appreciate the things my dad taught me. Finally I learned what real love is and learned how to love my dad deeply from the bottom of my heart for the man he is. So even with the troubled spots in our relationship I can stand here today and tell you I love you dad and I thank you for being my dad.
Again much healing took place and after giving it I went over and hugged and thanked my dad for being my dad. I got to spend sometime with my favorite uncle and aunt and got into some deep things that amazed me even more now as they begin to make more since. The reunion was amazing and for 79 people being there we didn’t have a lot of fighting which again amazed me. Of course from time to time something small would happen but everyone was quick to forgive and move on. Then all 24 of us and 8 animals loaded back up in the RV and headed home the 10 hours. About an hour from home we blew the second trier on the trailer and had to leave it along side the road and my brother went back for it after getting us all home. spent the night at mom’s and the next day took her into St George for shopping and to see how the car was running it did wonderful and planned to leave the next day but kids wanted to stay for John’s and James’s birthday. We were so busy trying to get everything ready to leave and get ready for the party, I had to run up to my other brothers home and on the way back the car acted up. Got to the party a bit late but gave James and then John their gifts, my brother John came and gave me a hug and thanked me the final step in healing for me. What an amazing trip. That night was sitting with mom when she got the call her foster mom had died she was so upset and I was happy that we had stayed so could be there for her. Woke up at 8am the next morning and packed all the animals and things into the car and trailer and said our goodbyes. No one wanted leave but was time to head home. Stopped by John’s house and got to say goodbye to the two oldest kids. Then headed up the mountain to say goodbye to my other brother and head on out. we got about 4 hours into the 10 hour trip when the car began acting up it took us a total of 16 hours to get home. We arrived at 3am and had to get all the animals settled before dropping into bed ourselves that first day was very little of anything getting done and yesterday we got a bit more done. Today we will go help with the green house again and begin to actually get back into our life’s on the homestead. This was an adventure but I would do every moment of it again.

Here are some pictures of us at reunion as well as the animals in their new homes hope to be putting more up shortly.


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Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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