June 15th

Took us most of the day to find the land and when we did it was all thorny bushes, high winds and dust. We sat up the Tents and fell into bed after a quick dinner.

June 16th

The dust stroms are really strong and we started marking out the property lines only to find that had sit up the tent 20 ft from being on the property.

Chilli in the desert today but found a place to get wood but having troble locating straw.  started moving camp over to the really camp site on the property and getting things sit up. Feeling more like home all the time. it rained just enough to settle dust and left a rainbow in the sky.

Beginning the floor to the first cabin today. looking into getting internet out on the property. Did purchased a generator and a deep freezer to use as a frig no more having to go to town everyday for ice.

Found the hot springs just down the road and after along day of working and getting things done it is nice to go for a soak.

So far if it get to cold the sun comes out if it gets to hot a nice wind comes up but with it the dust and when it gets to dusty then a slight rain to settle dust followed by a rainbow. 7 rainbows in one week thank you God for all the blessing.

Started into the second week here and finally got the hughesnet guy to come out and put up the satellite for us. Took me a day to figure out what would do for phone as the cell phone doesn’t work out here but arranged with Skype to sit up a phone to make calls without having to go to town starting to get hotter out here and they say by Thursday we should have 104-110 heat all the way thru to Monday. Did call well guy and he said would be out Saturday. While waiting for internet guy to come out (we had to meet him in town and lead to property) I won 800.00 jackpot. Friday we decided to take as a play day once the heat started climbing all loaded up and headed into town stopping to get showers at truck stop. Rachel got her hair done, then the kids went to a movie while I and mike gambled. Won 500 total and walked out having paid for our play Thank you God again.

Today Saturday been an all day at camp day working on little cabins but was able to make arrangement for straw at 3.50 a bale in Aug woot Thanks God. We are working on cabins and trying to stay cool while waiting for the well driller to show up. If we get water today then will be ahead of the plan for the land again.

Out is just amazing, yes it is a hard bit of work and heat can get to us from time to time but I am losing weight and getting healthy as well as finally feeling like I am where I belong.

Pictures are in no order but if you Scroll down have pick out a few of them for you all to see where we stared from and what we are working on. Still need to finish blazing a road in but for the moment we are using a trail.

WP_20130622_012 WP_20130623_018 WP_20130623_024WP_20130619_001WP_20130623_004WP_20130622_002WP_20130623_005WP_20130616_003WP_20130616_14_34_57_SmartShootWP_20130623_027 WP_20130623_029 WP_20130625_003picture351picture364WP_20130618_19_42_32_Panorama


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Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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