June 7th
Today we spent the day loading the trailer not everything we wanted to take with us will fit. We plan to be out of here by 6 pm to go to graduation party for William and celeabrate then spend the night at the motel tell before leaving out early tommorrow. We finally got everything we could loaded and hitched up the trailer to find that the radiator was having problems and over heating we got to the area that the party was at and then make it pass the motel before radiator totally gave out. We gave up on the party and checked into the motel and went swimming tommorrow we will have to get radiator fixed before leaving.
June 8thpicture208
Woke up this morning and made arrangements to take van in to get radiator fixed. We had planned on making it to Ohama NE for tonights stop but that is 11 hour drive and right now it is 9am and we have an appiontment for 11 am to get the van fixed and it with take about an hour and a half. We are stuck waiting to see when we finally get out of Dayton and how far we will get. Finally at about 2pm we are on the way. We made it as far as Peoria, NE We hadn’t made resavations and so when we pulled in to ask about a room we were worried that either would cost alot or they wouldn’t have one for a family our size. I ordered a room with double queen beds firguring that two of us could sleep on the floor. The lady at the desk was so sweet and upgraded our room at no extra cost witch allowed all the animals and slept 6 people in to rooms with to baths was so wonderful. We all went swimming and then crashed hard for the night.
June 9thpicture293WP_20130611_070
Time to make up lost time from yesterday. The motel offered a free breakfast that was really nice with waffles, eggs, bacon, cereal, yogurt, and pastieries as choices to eat. We leave out by 8 am and hit the road hard only stopping for gas and restroom breaks for both people and animals. Even so we only made to Lincoln, Ne. We checked into the motel and then walked over to eat at a little restrant next door. Again the kids went swimming and the next morning we had breakfast at the motel alot of the same choice but not as nicely laid out of as many.
June 10th-WP_20130611_009picture356
Again we pushed hard and only stopped for gas and restroom breaks. We were doing well and almost 100 miles from Cheyenne getting excited that we would only be a day behind the plan then just has we were finally getting ready to leave NE the van started acting fun and then made a really loud popping sound and overheated. We at first though that the radiator was the problem but when checked there was a 9 inch slit in the radiator hose and the fan belt was broken as well. We were in the middle of no where at mile marker 81 and I called the insurance company for roadside assistance which it being after 5 they had trouble getting someone to come and tow the fan and trailer into the next town finally they said it was going to cost almost 700 dollars out of pocket after what they paid for to be towed to the motel in the next town. On the phone for almost two hours and finally a gentleman decided to tow us in. The nice thing was that we was giving us a break and would do it for only 165 out of our pocket. We made it into Sidney NE and I gave him an extra 20 dollars for being so kind.
June 11thpicture241 picture242 picture243 picture244
We are behind again and getting farther behind all the time, but the thing on everyone’s mind is why now and here? We called the auto parts place  they had both the parts needed for a 30 year old van witch was totally amazing because in Dayton it took two days to fine the power steering belt for the van when it broke. We took a cab over to the store where both parts only costed 35 dollars began to think maybe this was the reason for here and now. Mike managed to fix the van and we checked out of motel at 1pm after doing laundry and getting everyone well rested. Back on the road and hoping to make it into Rock Springs tonight but if get to trier we will stop in Rawlins, Wy. Finally at about 8pm all of us really trier we pulled into Rawlins to try and get a room. The lady at the front desk told us that all the motels here had been filled since 7 and that the only thing we could do is drive into Rock Springs to get a room. It was another two hours on the road to Rock Springs and when we finally arrived all of us were exhausted and jumped right into bed.
June 12thpicture319picture320 picture339
Two days behind plans, we woke to breakfast at the motel again and waited to hit the road till about 11 pm. By this time we firgured that there was a reason for us to be delayed and wasn’t pushing to get there like before although we knew today we wanted to get all the way to elko, Nv it was only like a 6 hour drive and we only wanted to get there so as not to have to stop in Utah. We even stopped at little America for a bit and had ice cream cones and got little momentoes. We checked into the casino motel and even had a bit of a time gambling. I won 300 dollars and Mike won 500. Finally being in Nevada really made us both happy and excited to get to the property.WP_20130612_09_53_49_SmartShootWP_20130612_09_59_31_SmartShootpicture292
June 13th
Got up and had breakfast only three hours to turn off to the property so didn’t leave out till about 11am. Got to the turn off about 2pm and stopped at the TA and had lunch and dropped trailer to go look for property. We tought we could get to it by just following the dircertion on the land contract and so drove out to what we thought was it. Awesome piece of land even had a rock with moss that was growing in a broken heart shape. Still unsure of if this was the right place we decide to pick up trailer and drive into Lovelock and spend the night and tommorrow get a GPS unit and talk with the country land management place to make sure we were where we sure be.
June 14thWP_20130613_002 WP_20130613_004 WP_20130613_007 WP_20130624_002Trying to find the property we found the prefect rock with a broken heart out of moss.
We decided to stay another night in lovelock as needed to do laundry and run errons.



About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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  1. Vicki says:

    What a amazing journey you have had so far and it is really only the beginning of your new life I can hardly wait until I can see the pictures.

  2. Heather Williams says:

    I’m loving sharing your journey with you. This is so amazing. As Vicki said above, this is the beginning of your new life. It will unfold around you bringing many wonders and blessings. I can’t wait to hear more.

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