14306_511532408871902_1507666141_nSome might say I am the victim because of my past and yes I was victimized but does that truly make me the victim? I don’t believe so I usually am the one that things happen to but my approach is that they are a part of life and teach me how to be strong. So I don’t believe I am the victim although I can and have played the role from time to time.

Am I the bystander; LOL I shouldn’t even ask myself this question as I have never stood on the sidelines of anything. I am more likely to jump into things I shouldn’t than stand on the sidelines.

That leaves the Critic I don’t see myself as the Critic either although I can be very critical. I do try not to judge others. Thing is I do judge myself harshly.

In the hero training they say there are only three types of people and I don’t really fit any of the three totally. I personally would put in a fourth type call The fighter

I am the fighter I fight over everything and sometimes just to fight. Don’t get me wrong I debate more than fight, even with myself, I want to see things from as many angles as I can and understand the whys of everything. Question everything! I was raised to question nothing, and all that did was make me question everything. I

Truth be known I can help the victim till someone tries to rescue me then I am no victim. I can play the Critic but only because I question things so much, want to see things from the side of the Critic as well. I can even play the bystander but am so uncomfortable as a bystander that don’t do it. I play the role of the fighter most often in trying to see all sides and standing on one or the other. If there was the obsevere type of person this would be another I would play often obsevering is my special gift.

What type of person are you?


About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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  1. Vicki says:

    You are strong, and a fighter I agree, loving and giving, learning. constantly seeking answers to the questions of why. I find it hard to place myself in any of these as you say I have been victimized at times but i have struggle to make my self whole again after. , I probably sit on the sideline the most so that i can observe and learn while others go about their ways. Picking my path more carefully so as not to follow in everyone elses footsteps if i can help it.
    Critic just doesn’t suit me, that means judging and i really don’t like to judge……Judge not least ye be judged…..always goes through my mind.
    This is a interesting venue your are following I shall enjoy observing and learning as you proceed to go through it.

  2. I no longer fit into any of those categories either. I have been them all. As both you, Vicki, and Donna have. In our lives, because of our circumstances, have already learned the lessons of the Victim, the Bystander, the Fighter, the Critic. We’ve passed through that phase of our journey. I see you both now more as the Seeker of Knowledge moving into the phase of the Guide.

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