With all the chaos in life these days and not know what the future holds, we have to slow down and breath. I know isn’t an easy thing and goes against everything we are taught from a very young age. In school we are taught to do everything quickly and move on but in doing this we forget to absorb that one moment, that lesson, the very thing we should be doing. The world around us says multi-task till there is nothing left of you.

I say NO slow down single task everything, absorb it, let it all sink in becoming who you are by knowing that doing things quickly doesn’t create more. Take a minute right now and focus on what you are doing, if you had the time to do it right and enjoy it how would you do it differently? It isn’t enough to just slow down you have to be in that moment feel, make it a part of you.

It is ok not to carry a cell phone or be on the computer every waking moment you don’t have to be connected. Take time to be connected to people not technology. Take time to connect with yourself and who you are. One day we may not have all the technology we have today how will you be connected to those you care about then? I know in today’s world that  not using  the technology we have would be wrong but it isn’t your life either. Take the time to write a snail mail letter, go visit that person who lives so close but usually you just call. Turn off all technology for at least 1 hour while you’re awake per day. The world won’t end.

At meal times eat slowly actually chew your food. Someone told me I inhale my food and I was so insulted, but the truth is I haven’t taken the time to chew or even taste it. Take twice as long as you do now to eat a meal, visit with someone and shut out the world during that time. You will be surprised at how much better your meal taste.

What about the time spent in the car rushing from here to there. Slow down, look around did you notice the homeless person sleeping on the bench, how about the children picking flowers out of your neighborhood garden for a sick mom. Leave a little earlier, do whatever it takes to actually slow down. You can do it. Put on some beautiful music and notice your surroundings, or connect with your passengers.

Declutter your life, so many things we own take so much of our time. If you don’t love and use it then get rid of it. Sounds hard but the things around us take away from our energy and enjoyment of life. Don’t believe me? Clean out a room and only leave those things you love or must use in that room. Eg… Bedroom: a night stand, a lamp clock, bed, blankets and pillows, possibly a book, and clothes either in closet or dresser. Nothing else unless you love it and it brings you great joy. Now spend a week like that, only going in there at bedtime and to sleep or to get dressed. Notice the difference in sleeping and how you are drawn to that room, even tempted to be in it doing other stuff? Now pick another room and do the same thing and shortly you will enjoy being home and doing the things you need to.

Life is way to short not to be enjoying every second of it. Slow down, breath and relax it will all get done in time.





About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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  1. Savina says:

    This is so so true. and I am aware of this issue of multitasking. So, I too am practicing slowing down, savoring each moment and when I find myself disconnected from the moment, I become aware and come back. Great article.

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