First let me say that I came upon this topic over and over through out my life. Finally I think I get it to a degree. Everything has a frequency/ vibration to it. Some call it light, others call it Consciousness, sciencist call it engery, others call it love. The thing is doesn’t matter who calls it what. The old saying comes to mind ” A rose by any other name is still a rose! ”  The Question begs to be asked: Can we change or controll it? This question needs to be answered  for me on many levels. When I first asked it, it was because I had a thirod problem and needed to know how to get back some of my engery. Then I was studying essenstial oils and came across it again. Once again when trying to fix thrirod through my diet I came across it and finally in studying the law of attraction. I have found that when something keeps hitting you in the face you had better pay attention.

Back to the questions How can I raise my own frequency or vibration and where do I begin?

Let’s try to define or understand it first…

Science has discovered  that once you break everything
down to the core, pure energy is behind everything. This pure
energy vibrates a field around it. A vibrating field of energy, that attracts
(like a magnet) and attaches to energy of the same vibrating frequency. The more
vibrating energy that is compressed into this field of energy, the more intense
the vibrating gets within the field. Eventually the energy field manifests into

This lead be first to think about what I put into my body, so we come to superfoods. The more raw fruits and veggies one can eat the better for there body, Now I am not a vegan nor do I believe you have to become one to raise your frequency or vibration. I do think that if you give superfoods a try they will at the very least make you feel better. While I am on this I also had to start thinking of my bad habits, so no more diet pepsi for me.(well that is the plan eventually) and another things I could do to help in the area of what I put into my body is to quit smoking. (eventually) The thing is what we put into our bodies does increase or decrease our engery. Woman’s Day is where I learned alot about superfoods and powerhouse foods. I found a product to help me called Nutribullet. My friend who is a health freak actually sent me one during my reinvention to try, and love how I can have something like a smoothy without having to eat a ton of stuff. I became a journaling site and found friends at YOU Univeristy that help support my stopping drinking diet pepsi. Finally I found an all natural way of quitting smoking called Smoke Remedy. All though each of these things worked for me and I found them helpful in my journey, they may not work for you, but they are worth giving a try.

I began a bible study on oils and came across Young’s Living Oil’s found out that the raindrop message of these oils work like magic to make one feel better and seems to have an extreme health benfit. My husband even found that using oils on his feet would decrease his sugar and restless leg problems. My favorite is Leagecy oil because it has a mixture of so many in one and can’t afford alot of the oils individually. I also found out that cutting with olive oil made my oils last a year or longer without decreasing it’s affects.

Then I came to the Law of Attraction. I frought hard agaist it for a long while but hubby jumped right into The Secert. I couldn’t grasp that it would line up with my christian beliefs. When I began the journaling community I finally understood that more of it did line up than I first thought. I also watched “What the Bleep Do We Know?” I finally began to understand that this made me feel better and possibly raised my frequency or vibration. I am still studying frequency / vibration but this is more of where I am at right now.



About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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