"We looked for the good in them, and we found it."

“We looked for the good in them, and we found it.”


When I was young I watched a show called “Pollyanna” It is about a young girl in a new town that holds the view that within every situation and each person is something good, and by finding it and announcing it to the world she can change people and things in her world. This movie had a profound affect on my life for two reasons first it was one of the first movies I had ever seen. I have often been told that I am a Pollyanna but it implied that I can’t see the negative around, witch is very far from being true. I choose to find the good.

As a young child I thought I had found a magic key to happiness and making my world prefect that isn’t how it works. I am not blindly optimistic nor do I whitewash or ignored the bad things in my life. Rather I choose to focus and put my attention on something good with in the pain and injustice that exist in this world.

When the drunk drive drove thru my house I choose to put my focus on the fact that no one was hurt. This not only help me keep my sanity during a very stress full time but it allowed me to see where this event lead my life down a much better road that I had planned to travel.

When my husband was hit my a big rig, and pay was cut and he was in pain, I choose to focus on that he was still alive. In doing so I open doors in my life to be happy that we had time with him still, and this helped me understand my family much better.

Sure I can focus on the bad I almost lost my house to a man with no lince or insurance as he caused 30,000 dollars of damage to a 125 year old house where 6 people where living and barely making ends meet to begin with. I can focus on that after the acident my hubby isn’t the same man and my childern now have to disabled parents. I can focus on the fact that we live on less money than most single people, but what does all that do for me other than still my hope and dreams, and make be a bitter angry person to be around.

No, I say I don’t want that in my life. I want the hope and dreams and joy that see my family rebuild a house, when they didn’t know what they were doing, but that was the fun of it we learned and worked as a team and have a beauitful home now. I choose to take the time to get to know this new man my hubby is now and enjoy every mintue I have with him. I choose to learn to be creative and how to shop with coupons and other money saving ways, and get great joy out of being able to leave the store with everything I need for under what I had planned, and sometimes even free. The bad things in my life taught me lessons that I would never had learned otherwise. I am grateful for those lessons.

No, I am not prefect and I can’t always easily find things to be grateful for, and sometimes in my humaness I don’t want to find something good. I want to hold a pity party and you know what I am very good at that as well.LOL I have learned that if I find it a must to throw a pity party it must be no more than 15 mintues long and a joy party must follow with double the time and engery put into it. That alone will sometimes refocus me as I don’t have time to throw a pity party 🙂 Even a bed of roses has torns, which will you see? The sharp torns or the beauitful bloom?

Remember gratitude creates balance and instills hope.

There are many things to be grateful for: colorful autumn leaves, legs that work, friends who listen and really hear, chocolate, fresh eggs, warm jackets, tomatoes, the ability to read, roses, our health, butterflies. What’s on your list?


About bttrflysprit

Mother, daughter, wife, sister, MPD/DID, woman, someones child, are some of my titles. I am who I am and I am learning to be happy with that.

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  1. Vicki says:

    We all need hope, as the saying goes Hope springs eternal,
    With out hope we might not chose to move forward in our lives and change. withotout hope many things would just fade out or die away, we would not reach out to set and achieve goals.
    We would not see much point in doing so.? I also am a PollyAnna as i choose to look on the brighter side of things also

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